Our Products

Over the years we have designed and manufactured a large range of specialist products for our customers. We are able to provide an economic design, in many cases by customizing our standard products for individual customer's requirements.

EH7 - Electronic Heating Controller.

For use on heaters up to 4Kwatts. The unit has a BMS interface (2 to 10 volts or 4 to 20mA). The output power is proportional to the control signal.
Also available in a 1K watt version.

Heater Fan Control Module

Example of a typical heater fan control module. This unit monitors the Air and Water temperature and controls the fan as appropriate.

Load Monitor

The Load Monitor continuously watches an AC circuit and operates a relay if the load current drops below a preset level.

Temperature Display / Monitor

The Temperature Display includes a temperature probe and indicates the temperature on large 7-segment digits.
It can also be supplied with two fully programmable relay outputs, switching above and below set point temperatures.


Advanced heating programmer/controller with Fuel Saving facilities. Basic or advanced operating modes including intelligent start and stop.
Available from Powrmatic Ltd 014 605-3535

Examples of other products that we have designed and manufactured:-

    Electronic heat controls
  • Hair extender (hairdressing industry)
  • Amalgam heater (deep root canals) for dental surgeries
  • Hand dryer controls
  • Electric heating

    Other electronic controls
  • Ozone generators
  • Air cleaning controls
  • Fan coil controls
  • Remote control - radio, infra red, wired
  • Temperature, speed, humidity, pressure controllers
  • Portable battery packs
  • Specialist power supplies
  • Electronic Security